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What is a lifestyle film?

A lifestyle film is real life. It's what happens during your everyday routines. It's taking time to capture this one day and record your family's memories.

It's being able to then go back and watch those memories over and over. Forever.

To break it down, a Lifestyle session is where I come over for a few hours and film while you (and your family) go about your normal, everyday life. 

Definitely plan on laughing and/or crying when you see your  film! You'll be surprised at the moments I manage to capture without you even realizing I'm in the room. 

A lifestyle session will take about 3-4 hours. This gives lots of time to capture all of your little everyday routines. Making lunch, reading a bedtime story, bath time, cuddles on the couch, family dinner, gardening in the back yard - I'll capture it all.

Lifestyle sessions start at $400 for a 2-4 minute film. Price changes depend on the length of your session and how many people are involved! 

Watch all of the wonderful and unique personalities of your family members - in motion. It's the ultimate way to preserve your family's most meaningful memories together!

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