Frequently asked questions

"I'm nervous, I never look good in photos, how do I overcome my fear?"

No need to be nervous! We're gonna have a good time! Still anxious? Bring a friend! Nothing better than having your own personal cheerleader rooting for you (telling you how GOOD you look) your whole session!

"What kind of a shoot is this?"

This session is set up to be whatever kind of session you'd like. Looking for photos of yourself just feeling good? ~I gotchu. Just want a quality photo of yourself because selfies aren't cutting it anymore? ~Once again, I gotchu.

"What should I wear?"

Here's some details to keep in mind for whatever you choose: STAY AWAY FROM PRIMARY COLORS. I REPEAT STAY AWAY. Primary colors don't tend to look so hot on camera. If you're thinking red- try maroon or burgundy. If you're thinking yellow- try mustard, instead. Neutral colors are 100%, YASSS.

"I LOVE MY PHOTOS! I want to purchase extra images- how can I do that?"

After your session you'll be able to look through all of your images! They'll be unedited but you get one free with your session. We'll chose your favorite one together and you'll be sent home with the edited version. If you want extra, you can pay in cash on the spot or you can Venmo me. I also have a card reader but it comes with a 4% fee for swiping! Your full gallery will be watermarked and uploaded to an online password protected gallery if you need a few days to think about purchasing extra photos! There's no pressure to purchase the day of your session (if you want to purchase any!) and you'll have a few days to think about it.

I'm giving away portrait sessions!


Sessions are 45 minutes long and include:

2 outfits

 a personalized online gallery  

one digital

& an online watermarked gallery for you to purchase more images!

"Where?" You ask

Sessions will be taking place in Hamilton & Princeton NJ




Let's make that happen with a                         session!


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