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  Katie was kind, funny, laid back, but to the point. She made sure that everything went smoothly even when I had a "mishap" with my dress in the morning, Katie jumped into action to come up with a solution. She truly is a sweetheart and her work is downright amazing. I felt like I knew her my whole life. I love when you can make an instant connection with people you are working with. Especially in a stressful environment like your wedding! I would recommend her over and over and over again." | Ally D

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Wedding photos & films, especially, often get overlooked in the wedding planning process. So much goes into planning your big day that you forget the most important part-

making sure you remember it forever!


Your wedding photos hang around (literally, like, on your wall!) after your reception decorations are taken down and your dress has been put away. Invest in something you can hold on to forever after your big day is over! Lay out your photo album on the coffee table to show off to everyone who comes over! Hang up giant canvases all over your house.  Don't miss out on these special things being so wrapped up in the now that you miss out on the later.






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Chestnut Hill Photographer


Weddings with Tri-State Area photographer KatieMayClicks are no joke. I mean, there are a lot- and I mean a LOT of jokes I make throughout the day- BUT IN GENERAL, they're no joke. 

Before your wedding:

When you book with KatieMayClicks you have the options to break up your wedding payments- your way. I know money is always a stressor when it comes to your big day and I want to help alleviate that stress in any way I can. That's why I allow my wedding photography clients to pick their payment plans. Monthly, weekly, every other month, split it in half, pay it in full- whatever works for YOU! All I care is that it is paid in full exactly one month out from your wedding day.  

Once we hit that "one month out, OMG ONE MONTH" mark, we kick into high gear. I've comprised a wedding questionnaire with every possible question you can imagine for every detail of your wedding day. Sometimes I have brides who read the questions and realize things they've never thought of before and still need to plan! And I'm here to help with that! We go over your ceremony details, (is your kiss in the middle or the end of the ceremony?) family dynamics, (got a crazy Uncle Bob to look out for? I'm on it.) locations and addresses, important names I should know but will probably forget BUT WILL DO MY BEST to remember :P - and a ton of other things. We'll get every detail together and with those details I'll help you create a down to the minute timeline that can be shared with everyone important on your big day! This way your groomsmen will know when to leave the hotel and stop partying, or your extended family will know where and when to meet you for the family portraits. -All of this. I gotchu.

On your wedding day:

We kill it. We've planned for this. THE best wedding ever takes place. You get the dopest  photos you've ever seen and we have the best time making them.


But really though, on your wedding day I am there for WHATEVER you may need. A shoulder to lean on when you're nervous, a wrangler of the drunken bridal party, someone to make you laugh when you're uncomfortable in front of the camera and "don't know what to do with your hands!". I'm here for you. That review posted up above? On that wedding day my assistant was sent running (more like sprinting) to the store to get bleach, yes bleach, to solve what I describe as a "LEVEL 10 CATASTROPHIC- THERE'S FOUNDATION SPILLED ALL OVER HER DRESS" emergency. The bridesmaids, my assistant and I whipped into action and figured out a solution and solved it-

all before the bride even knew there was a problem.


When I say I gotchu- I mean it, I gotchu.

After your wedding:

We all go to bed and sleep for three days. Lol not really, but you're gonna want to! Weddings are EXHAUSTING and SO MUCH FUN. Recovery will be needed. While you recover and more than likely honeymoon somewhere fabulous, I'll be working on your photos! More than likely I'll be so excited that I'll be sending a few of my fave's your way within a few days but your whole gallery will be finished within a month. All photos will be uploaded to your very own custom website with a personalized link that you can share online and with all of your friends. Both you and your friends can download photos, order prints, canvases, wallets, literally anything from your site.


You and your partner, however, will also be receiving a custom keep safe box containing a flash drive with all of your photos as well as an album layout that shows you exactly what your wedding album could look like when you choose to purchase one! If you love the layout and want to order, awesome! We'll pick your album cover, I'll put the order in for you and you'll get it in the mail a few days later. Want changes to the layout or different photos included? That's fine as well! We can redesign together! We'll make it perfect.


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Becky & Anthony
Lia & Michael


Well get off of it. Your wedding day is a day you look forward to your entire life.


Hours, days, even YEARS are spent planning and agonizing over every detail to make your day absolutely perfect. After the day is over, you sit back and realize:


“holy crap, that FLEW by”.


Your wedding day is so excitingly busy and such a whirlwind that you end up missing out on things you didn’t even realize were happening! (#FOMO)


Now, imagine having GORGEOUS wedding photos that will let you relive all those moments of your wedding that you may have missed out on and remember them for years to come! (#NoFOMO)

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